Never Ending Continuity Error, 2004

Never Ending Continuity Error, 2004
84 x 64 x 144 inches
Wood, metal, sinks, tile, light, paint, mixed media

The piece consists of four bathroom sections built in a row with the mirror actually “cut away.” Without the use of the mirror, the piece behaves like a physical manifestation of an infinity mirror. Slight shifts in the objects around the sink allude to shifts in time and slippage in self. Through the four iterations of the bathroom scenario, the viewer’s own reflection is delayed and out of reach. Beyond the four sections of bathroom, a mirror finally appears creating a distance between the viewer and the ability to literally reflect on the self.

2Neverending_frontdetail_4mb-copy-733x550 4Neverending_Frontleft_detail-copy-703x550 1NeverEnding_fullfront_13mb_copy-431x550 5Neverending_Front_side2-copy-412x550