Following Room, 2007

Following Room, 2007

8 x 15 x 30 feet

Wood, drop ceiling, furniture, carpet, acrylic tubing, misc. objects.

This installation was created for a solo project at the Whitney Museum of American Art and gives the impression of a single room reflected and multiplied by the illusion of mirrors.  Without the use of mirrors, the experience is created through 12 separate rooms with repeating contents.  Each space is filled with the details of life: dirty socks, reading glasses, cat toy, etc.  As the viewer moves around the work,  they are lead to believe the piece is made with mirrors based on the cues to reflection, the repetition of objects and an attention to detail. The physical world is turned into light and reflection.  One does not notice the conspicuous absence of their own reflection until jolted by the “image” of another viewed through the piece. The actuality of the presence of another sends the viewer back into their own consciousness. The uncanny experience of the piece challenges viewers’ relationship to their perception and the expression of reality through the stuff of our daily lives.

2Following_Room_SideChairs_pp-copy-901x550 1Following_Room_Full_pp-copy-716x550
4FollwingRoom_middleview_18mb-copy-390x550 3Following_Room_ViewThrough_pp-copy-733x550
10FollwoingRoom_Shelves_Beth_12mb-copy-407x550 9Following_Room_Lamps_72dpi-copy-867x550 8FollwingRoom_middleview_pillows_Beth_12mb-copy-766x550 8FollowingRoom_middleView_detail_beth_12mb-copy-758x550 7FollowingRoom_Chairs2_Beth_13mb-copy-745x550 6FollowingRoom_sideChairs-copy-368x550 5FollowingRoom_SideBookshelves-copy-537x550