Beth Campbell

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MFA.  Ohio University.  Athens, OH


Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture.  Skowhegan, ME


BFA.  Truman State University.  Kirksville, MO

Solo Exhibitions


Beth Campbell  Anne Mosseri-Marlio Galerie, Basel, CH

My Potential Futures  Project Space, Josee Bienvenu Gallery, New York, NY


Not at Home.  Hotel Particulier.  New York, NY.  Curated by Sarah Murkett.


Stereotable.  Kate Werble Gallery.  New York, NY

Seomi Gallery. Seoul, Korea


Periodic Split.  Andrew Rafacz Gallery.  Chicago, IL


Tables.  Sculpture Center.  Cleveland, OH


Without ends.  Country Club at Rudolf Schindler’s Buck House, Los Angeles, CA

Beth Campbell.  James Harris Gallery, Seattle, WA


Beth Campbell.  Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery, New York, NY

Whitney Gala. Installation in lobby for Gala.  Whitney Museum of American Art New York, NY

Social Interactions. Two-person exhibition with Stephen Willats, Seiler+Mosseri-Marlio, Zurich, CH


Following Room.  Whitney Museum of American Art.New York, NY. Curated by Tina Kulkielski.

I can’t quite place it.  Feldman Gallery and Project Space, PNCA. Portland, OR

Potential Store Fronts.  In The Public Realm project, Public Art Fund. New York, NY


How did we end up here?  Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery, New York, NY

Make Belief.   Sala Diaz, San Antonio, TX


Statements. Art Basel, Miami Beach, FL

I was thinking (a living room).  Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery, New York, NY

Every other day.  Art Academy of Cincinnati, OH


Same As Me. Sandroni Rey Gallery.  Los Angeles, CA


Same As Me. Roebling Hall.  Brooklyn, NY


House (A Standardized Affectation for Telepresence). Roebling Hall.  Brooklyn, NY

White Room. White Columns. New York, NY


Selected Group Exhibitions


Remake/Remodel, Kate Werble Gallery, New York, NY

Pierogi XX: Twentieth Anniversary Exhibition. Pierogi Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.

Video Show, Kate Werble Gallery, New York, NY

Idiom II. Pierogi. Brooklyn, NY.

There’s no such thing as a good decision. Josee Bienvenu Gallery. New York, NY


Autocorrect. Joseé Bienvenu Gallery.  New York, NY

Collider.  Ziehersmith Gallery.  New York, NY.  Curated by Rachel Owens.

Gravity of Sculpture: Part 2.  Dorsky Gallery.  New York. NY.  Curated by Saul Ostrow.


Letters from Home. Ochi Gallery, Ketchum, ID and Pacific Design Center, Los Angeles, CA.

economy of means: towards humility in contemporary sculpture, Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, AZ. Curated by Cassandra Coblentz.

Optotype. A show of Skowhegan Alumni, 92YTribeca, New York, NY


Speculative Futures. Bloomberg Financial Offices in Conjunction with Sculpture Center, New York. Curated by Regine Basha.

Suspense. Suspended Sculptures, EX3 Centre for Contemporary Art, Florence, Italy.

Curatedby Lorenzo Giusti and Arabella Natalini.

Plot:  Plan:  Process.  Leslie Tonkonow Artworks + Projects. New York, NY

Spacelift, Eyewall, Cleveland, OH


Natura & Destino. Galleria Riccardo Crespi, Milan, Italy

Shape Shifter.  Country Club, Cincinnati, OH

The Every Other Day.  Ideobox.  Miami, FL.  Curated by Donald Johnson-Montenegro.


The End. The Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh, PA.  Curated by Eric Shiner.

Biennale Cuvee 09 World Selection of Contemporary Art.  OK Center for Contemporary Art, Linz, Austria.  Curated by Manray Hsu and Martin Sturm.

Chaperon. EFA Project Space.  New York, NY.  Curated Video Program

Fresh From Chelsea.  University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

Seven in One!  Seven in One Third!!  Kate Werble Gallery, New York, NY

New Age Riot. Country Club Projects, Los Angeles, CA



Manifesta 7, The European Biennial of  Contemporary Art.  Trento, IT. Curated by Adam Budak, Anselm Franke and Hila Peleg

Slightly Unbalanced. Traveling exhibition 2008-2010 organized by Independent Curators International. Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago, IL.  Museum.  Museum London, London Ontario.  Huntington Museum, Huntington, VA.  Rodman Hall Arts Center, St. Catharines, Ontario.  Paul and LuluHilliard University Art Museum, Lafayette, Louisiana.  Joel and Lila Harnett Museum of Art, Univeristy of Richmond Museums, Richmond VA.  Curated by Susan Hapgood.

Art on Paper 2008.  Weatherspoon Art Museum.  Greensboro, NC.  Curated by Xandra Eden.

Forever Young.  Anne+, Paris, France.  Curated by Ami Barak.

You Said he Said She Said: New York Group Show. Seiler+Mosseri-Marlio Galerie,

Zurich, CH

Interiors. Hales Gallery, London, UK

Just Love Me.  Royal/T, Los Angeles, CA.  Curated by Jay Sanders.

Skipping the Page. The Center for Book Arts, New York, NY

Leisure Suite. The Leroy Neiman Gallery.  Columbia University.  New York, NY.  Curated  by Martin Basher.


Open House: Cincinnati Collects. Contemporary Arts Center Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH

On Being an Exhibition. Artists Space, New York, NY.  Curated by Joseph del Pescoe.

The 6th Mercosul Biennial: The Third Bank of the River. Porto Alegre, Brazil.  Curated by Gabriel Perez-Barreiro.

Blank.  Ke Center For Contemporary Art, Shanghai, China. Sponsored by Beijing Youth Weekly

Summer 07 Exhibition.  Lower East Side Printshop. New York, NY

You are here. Glassel School of Art, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, TX.  Curated by Meredith Goldsmith.

I will be alright. Country Club, Cincinnati, OH


Panic Room. Deste Foundation for Contemporary Art, Athens, Greece.  Curated by Kathy Grayson and Jeffrey Deitch.

Text Formed Drawing. The Contemporary Art Galleries, University of Connecticut,      Storrs, CT

Past Imperfect: Future Tense. New Center for Contemporary Art, Louisville, KY

Personal Geographies. Hunter College.  New York, NY.  Curated by Joanna Lindenbaum.

Table Top. Joseé Bienvenu Gallery, New York, NY

The Time-Based Art Festival (TBA:06). Portland Institute for Contemporary Art (PICA),

Portland, OR.  Curated by Kristan Kennedy.

Annotations.  Organized by Public Holiday Project for Expodium Gallery.  Utrecht, NL

And Therefore I am.Tang Museum at Skidmore College. Saratoga Springs, NY. Curated by John Weber.

Well Read.  Nurture Art.  Brooklyn, NY.  Curated by Chrisotpher Howard.

Slow Revolution.  Rotunda Gallery.  Brooklyn, NY.  Curated by Patrick Grenier.


Looking at Words:  The Formal Presence of Text in Modern and Contemporary Works on Paper.  Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York, NY

Sounds Like Drawing. The Drawing Room, London, England.  Curated by Anthony


Untitled. Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum, Santa Barbara, CA

Wordplay.  Julie Saul Gallery, New York, NY

Video Salon 3. Brooklyn, NY

Life Drawing.  Arthouse, Austin, TX.  Curated by Regine Basha.

Dating Data.  Josee Bienvenu Gallery.  New York, NY

Paper.  Nicole Klagsbrun.  New York, NY

Paper Derivations.  The Proposition, New York, NY



Happy Art for a Sad World. Spike Gallery, NY

Open House: Working in Brooklyn. Brooklyn Museum of Art, NY.  Curated by Charlotta Kotik and Tumelo Musaka.

Home Extension. University Art Museum, State University of New York.  Albany, NY.

Curated by Gregory Volk and Sabine Russ.

Drift:shift. Linda Schwartz Gallery, Cincinnati, OH



B-List.  Hallwalls.   Buffalo, NY

All About Me.  Spike Gallery.  New York, NY

Same As Me.  Visual Studies Workshop.  Rochester, NY

Fresh Meat. CEPA Gallery, Buffalo, NY

Cracker Jack.  Joseph Helman.  New York, NY

High & Inside.  Marlborough Gallery. New York, NY.  Curated by Maurice Tuchman.

Online.  Feigen Contemporary, New York, NY. Curated by Robert Store, Charlie Finch and George Negropante.



Hello, My name Is…..   Carnegie Museum of Art.  Pittsburgh, PA.  Curated by Laura Hauptmon and Elizabeth Thomas.

Art Omi at 9W.   Paul Rodgers/9W Gallery.  New York, NY

Unbecoming.   Philadelphia Art Alliance.   Philadelphia, PA

27 Emerging Artists.  Spike Gallery.  New York, NY

Common Culture.  Print Exchange. Spruill Gallery.  Atlanta, GA


Temporary Residents.  Organized by the Public Art Fund

New commissions for the commons at Metrotech Center.  Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn!  Palm Beach Institute of Contemporary Art.  Palm Beach, FL.  Curated by Domonique Nahas.

Platypus.  Lawrence Rubin-Greenberg Van Doren Fine Art. New York, NY

breathless.  Lombard-Fried Fine Arts.  New York, NY

Another Cusp.  The Clifford Gallery.  Colgate University.  Hamilton, NY.  Curated by Gregory Volk.

Artext.  Jamaica Center for Arts & Learning.  Jamaica, NY

Drawings by three artists.  Gallery Joe,  Philadelphia, PA.

Fresh:  The Altoids Curiously Strong Collection.  (*traveling)

New Museum of Contemporary Art.  New York, NY.  Consolidated Works.  Seattle,  WA.  Art LAB.   San Francisco, CA. Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions.  Los Angeles,CA.  Art Center/South Florida.  Miami, FL.  DiverseWorks. Houston, TX


To Be Continued.  Art in General, Bellwether and Parlor Projects.    New York, NY

Collector’s Choice II.  Orlando Museum of Art.  Orlando, FL

Artist in the Marketplace: 20th  Annual Exhibition.  Bronx Museum.   Bronx,  NY

The Space Around the Architect.  Socrates Sculpture Park.  Queens, NY Tomorrow.  Rare. New York, NY

Greater New York.  PS1 Contemporary Art Center.  New York, NY.  Curated by Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev.

Three Piece.  Tower Fine Arts Gallery, SUNY Brockport.  Brockport, NY


Outer Boroughs. White Columns.   New York, NY

Friendly Strangers.  Galapagos.  Brooklyn, NY

Moving into Outside. Holland Tunnel Gallery.  Brooklyn, NY



Skowhegan Alumni Exhibition/Auction. David Bietzel Gallery.  New York, NY

98 Alternatives. Ohio University Gallery.  Athens, OH


Chaperon Exhibition. Dileia Contemporary.  Cincinnati, OH

Redundant Redundant.  Dileia Contemporary.  Cincinnati, OH



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2011    John Simon Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship.  New York, NY.

2010    Arts/Industry Residency, John Michael Kohler Arts Center.  Kohler, WI.

2009    Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation Biennial Award.  New York, NY.

2009    Santo Foundation Individual Artist Award.  St. Louis, MO

2007     Distinguished Alumni Award. School of Art, Ohio University, Athens, OH

2007    In the Public Realm, Public Art Fund, New York City, NY

2006    Pollack/Krasner Foundation Grant

2006    Lower East Side Printshop Special Editions Residency Program

2004    Selected for the Artist’s Pension Trust.  New York City, NY

2003    Awarded workspace residency at Dieu Donne Papermill.  New York, NY

2002    Pennies From Heaven Fund.  The New York Community Trust

2001    Art OMI, Omi, NY

2001     Atlantic Center for the Arts, studied with Poet Ann Lauterbach, New Smyrna Beach, FL

2000     Rema Hort Mann Foundation Art Grant

2000      World Views, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council residency program at the World Trade Center

2000    Emerging Artist Fellowship, Socrates Sculpture Park, Queens, NY

2000    Artist in the Marketplace Program, The Bronx Museum

1997    Matching School Fellowship Program.  Skowhegan School of Painting and    Sculpture and Ohio University


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